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Winter - Christmas

Create your magical Christmas world, your mini Christmas village! Here you can find everything: pine trees, candelabras, string lights, cottages, churches, still lifes with or without lighting, and you can choose from different figures.

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Why make a Christmas mini village?

A Christmas village recalls the nostalgic atmosphere of the old days. An imagined world that is nevertheless real. It is best to make it yourself, so it will be what we imagine it to be. The base should be made of stronger styrofoam or wood. Let's choose houses that might also light up (it's worth buying LED Christmas decorations), so that in the evenings the apartment will have a special atmosphere. You can also create a complete town with different images of life, where you can meet children handing out Christmas cards, a singing choir and, of course, decorated Christmas trees. The Christmas village can be surrounded by pine trees, mountains, tunnels, in which even small trains can run... The possibilities are endless, but you need space and time.

What should be the foundation and support of the Christmas village?

If you would only make a smaller Christmas mini-village, you can put the accessories on a nice cake plate with artificial snow, pine trees, or on a plain plate.

For larger Christmas decorations, it is worth choosing a table for it, which is durable and easily accessible. The front of the table can be decorated with a Christmas tablecloth, colors...

If you are looking for a more space-saving solution, you can even make a special shelf system for this purpose, e.g. corner to corner shelf. Be creative! For example, you can display your Christmas life pictures on a decorated painter's ladder (you put the shelves on the level and decorate the whole thing).

If you have chosen which place will be the most suitable for the magical Christmas mini village, then all you have to do is prepare and buy the ingredients. In the Bernikert Webshop, you will also find many small accessories for it: pine trees, cottages, pictures of life, chapel, church, light garlands, candelabra, LED Christmas decorations, Christmas angels, Christmas merry-go-round and much more....