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Fairy garden accessories

Magical accessories for fairy gardens can be found here: bridges that can lead over streams and springs, wells, candelabras, pines, flowers, and many more accessories, all of which serve the purpose of having a unique, special minigarden and decoration.

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Elf 6.5 cm

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In my opinion, the most important thing in a mini garden or fairy garden is taking into account the proportions - sizing. The garden can't be uniform if the accessories do not match each other. For example, the figure is too big for the cottage or the bench. Of course, plants that are too big also look loud, giant, and alien in the mini garden, as do large pebbles. When creating a garden path, if you put normal pebbles on the path, it looks like the little fairies are walking on rocks. Use very small pebbles, 1-4 mm in diameter, in the small mini-gardens.

Try to choose the right size fairy garden accessories. Look at the house or other focal point, e.g. fairy dimensions, and choose the other accessories accordingly. Many of our products are available in several sizes, e.g. fences, choose the right size. You can find smaller and larger doors with us!