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Terrarium tools

Glass containers planted with plants - also known as plant terrariums - are once again experiencing a renaissance. Who doesn't want a beautiful mini garden on their desk? It is much more magical than a potted flower, and if it is well prepared, it is also easier to care for. We can also keep more delicate plants in it, as tropical plants also develop nicely in the hot, humid environment prevailing in the greenhouse, and their planting and therefore care do not cause difficulties. In addition, small compositions and bottle gardens reminiscent of nature are especially beneficial in our environment, and they are even more necessary at work.

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In order not to have too much to do with a terrarium, the planting process and the selection of plants are vital. It is worth planting slow-growing plants so that the plants can remain in the pot for a long time, without having to constantly cut them back or transplant them.

We will distinguish between three types of glass containers, which will be important later on for the care of the garden and the selection of plants: open, semi-open, closed.

Plants that prefer dry air, e.g. they are succulents, they should be placed in a wide, open glass container (in this case, too, they need to be watered very little).

You can also try Tillandsias in pots with wider mouths, they don't even need potting soil, you can also put them directly in colored sand. It is worth giving them a weekly water bath, and then they can go back to their place after drying. You can read more about their care here.

Ferns, mosses, and other plants that require a lot of moisture (Fittonia, Hypoestes, Selaginella, Soleirolia soleirolii, Syngonium, Polyscias, Peperomia) can even be placed in a sealed glass container, but then a special " "treatment": they only need to be watered a few times a year, if necessary at all. If the container is not sealed, e.g. mason jar without a lid, then of course you have to water or humidify it several times. Always use soft water when watering. Hard water is very visible on the glass, plants don't like it either.

Of course, easy care also requires the right tools. For example, a telescopic spade and rake, so planting is easy in a plant terrarium of any size.