Do you also like delicious, sweet tomatoes and fragrant peppers? Beautiful vegetables are lined up on store shelves in vain, they taste and smell almost nothing. If this year you would rather choose vegetables that involve a little more work, but are much tastier, then now is the time to sow seeds and seedlings!

Why do you have to plant seedlings, why can't you just scatter the seed and you're done?

For plants that are cold-tolerant or with a short growing season, it works to just scatter the seeds, sometimes water them and then harvest the crop. Such e.g. radishes, peas, onions, beets, lettuce...
However, light-demanding plants that like a long, warm period, such as peppers and tomatoes (eggplants, melons, etc.), produce very late if they are just sown in their place, without seedlings. In order to have a relatively quick crop, we sow the seeds in time (it's still cold outside) in a sheltered place. When the frost-dangerous period outside has passed - roughly in the middle of May (in Hungary) - we can plant out the relatively larger plants by then.
Of course, you can also buy seedlings, but there is something special about home-grown vegetables. Even children eat more vegetables that they grew and watered themselves.